GROB offers the gold standard in apprenticeships!

Author: Link Lima/Allen County June 20, 2019

Organized as part of the Link Lima Site Visit Program, 28 Wapakoneta High School students got a behind-the-scenes look at GROB Systems, Inc. in Bluffton, and came away with both a sense of not only how this manufacturer does world-class manufacturing, but how GROB’s one-of-a-kind apprenticeship program is the best of the best in career learning opportunities.

March 26, 2019 – Lima, Ohio. The Greater Lima Region is up to its eyeballs in world-class manufacturers. P&G, Nutrien, the Lima Tank Plant, Ford, Honda, PPG, Dana, Whirlpool, Spallinger, and so many more. But when it comes to professional apprenticeship programs that can make a young technician-to-be take notice, nobody can touch the amazing opportunities offered by GROB in Bluffton. GROB apprentices get the chance to take a deep dive into the world of manufacturing that recent graduates rarely get a chance to experience.

GROB’s client list is impressive, and the latest additions to the list are Tesla and the manufacturing of state-of-the-art parts for the electric car industry.

On Tuesday, March 26th, a group of 28 students from Wapakoneta High School, under the watchful eye of teacher Graham Fennell, got to see how GROB impresses its customers worldwide, and how the apprenticeship program works at GROB. It takes four years to complete an apprenticeship, and the student can concurrently earn an Associate’s Degree from Rhodes State, and if desired, can continue to pursue a Bachelors at any number of 4-year schools on their own time.
Dean Kales is the Apprenticeship Program Coordinator, and Kales says that more than a third of GROB’s workforce has come through its Apprenticeship Program. It isn’t an easy feat though. The application process is tough, with hundreds applying and only 25 positions awarded. The competition is pretty intense, to say the least.

The students who got a taste of GROB magic were John Doll, Caige Scnarre, Jay Michales, Nizon Perez, Cody Metzger, Matt King, Janie Owens, Tyler Tingler, Sam Wagner, Timothy Michaels, Ethan Couch, Dylan Cannon, Ethan Porter, Tim Bruns, Gabe Kentner, Noah Tiltion, Amana Koeller, Logan Wisener, Alexander Cramer, Tristan Gesler, Jesse Mckenzie, Hunter Breitigan, Jared Brown, Zach Tangeman, Darren Seyer, Matters Roediger, Tyler Kysenceder, and Jordan Metz.

Here is what Jesse McKenzie, an 11th grader at Wapakoneta High School had to say: “This visit presented an opportunity that is considerable for a high school student. I am applying for the electrical aspect early to get in.”

The GROB apprenticeship program is not inexpensive to run. But GROB knows that investing in young local talent is the best way to ensure they have a workforce going forward that can meet its ongoing needs. Other manufacturers could learn a lot from the example set by GROB. There is no better way to attract top talent than to create once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for the talent to grow.

ABOUT THE LINK LIMA SITE VISIT PROGRAM – The Link Lima Site Visit program is hosted by the Greater Lima Region, Inc., and was built to connect employers with available and upcoming talent. The goal is to better align school programs and curricula with local employers and create intrigue by giving the students an inside, behind-the-scenes look at operations within some of the region’s employers. For more information, contact Tracy Hollar, Administrator, (419) 222-7706.