Link Lima Success Story: AEDG and OMJ-Allen County receive catalytic partnership award for Link Lima from Greater Ohio Policy Center

Author: Link Lima/Allen County March 27, 2017

The Greater Ohio Policy Center recognizes and honors special contributions each year by organizations around the State of Ohio to local and regional growth. At an award ceremony at the Westin Columbus, Alison Goebel, executive director of the GOPC highlighted different ways policymakers and practitioners, concerned citizens and experts can contribute to Ohio’s long-term success.

This year, nominees for the Catalytic Partnership Award included the Downtown Akron Vision and Redevelopment Plan, the Cleveland RNC Host Committee, and Link Lima/Allen County, the region’s workforce development strategy.

Link Lima/Allen County was selected by the GOPC for the 2017 Catalytic Partnership Award, recognizing the work that has occurred in our region by Allen Economic Development Group, OhioMeansJobs-Allen County, and the hundreds of employers participating in the Link Lima workforce development efforts designed to address the workforce needs of local employers.

In attendance to receive the award from the Greater Ohio Policy Center were Jeff Sprague, President/CEO of Allen Economic Development Group, Joe Patton, workforce director for OhioMeansJobs-Allen County, and Doug Arthur, program director of Link Lima.